“The beats on this album are infectious.  The most no-bullsh*t hip-hop beats I've heard on an album in years (Lil' Wayne please take note). They’re produced almost exclusively by Jesse Case... an unknown producer to me, but if Jay-Z ever hears this sh*t then I can't imagine how he won't become a household name.” 

“Musical directors at Second City have traditionally been supporting players... but Case doesn't tinkle quietly at the piano in the time-honored tradition. He pounds his clutch of electronic instruments and turns himself into a major character in a revue that's the most layered, textured and thoroughly exciting show at e.t.c. in years.”

“Jesse Case triples as musical director, composer and sound designer - and Depraved New World offers the most complex use to date at The Second City of music, sound and sampling. He truly is a seventh cast member.”

Rolling Stone shows off a track Jesse wrote for Talib Kweli on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

“Longer! Louder! Wagner!” - featuring Jesse live at the keys as Wagner - is a hit.

“Unelectable You” - Second City’s collaboration with - gets a rave.

Second City and Lyric Opera team up again - also this photograph in Chicago Magazine is pretty cool.

“A Red Line Runs Through It” is a hit.

DOOMSDATE is a hit, and wins some awards. Watch it here.

An article and interview with Jesse about his role as Musical Director of the Second City Mainstage.

“Depraved New World” is a hit.

“The Second City Guide to the Opera” wins two 2013 Jeff Awards.

“The Second City Guide to the Opera” is a hit. Again.
                  “The new version is equally hilarious and probably even more effective. Three of the five comedians are back for this adaptation, with new material, as is brilliant co-writer, composer/arranger, music director Jesse Case. The Guide has proven itself to be a superb idea.”

Jesse’s mom finally gets her due in this article about “The Second City Guide to the Opera.”

“Denver” finds its way back to the Onion AV Club.

“The Second City Guide to the Opera” is a hit.
                     “This experiment was a resounding success. Saturday night's performance treated the audience to two hours of hilarious skits fondly spoofing every aspect of opera including the vocalists, fans, composers, and the dramatic plot lines. A chamber ensemble from Lyric's orchestra, along with Second City e.t.c.'s musical director Jesse Case provided on-the-ball musical accompaniment.”

Mark Caro at the Chicago Tribune follows the writing process of “The Second City Guide to the Opera.”

“We’re All In This Room Together” at Second City e.t.c. takes home two 2012 Jeff Awards.

Second City’s collaboration with Lyric Opera, with Jesse as Musical Director, is officially announced.

TJ Miller and the “Denver” music video are on the Huffington Post.

Jesse’s interviewed about Second City on the last page of this magazine.

Jesse’s on the Poor Choices Podcast this week. It’d be a great choice to listen to it.

Improv All-Stars got a killer review in the Chicago Tribune. Read it.

Jesse helps lead the band and is featured in a few of these Best-Of videos from Norton Stuff Theatre. 

“Sky’s the Limit (Weather Permitting)” at Second City e.t.c. won three Jeff Awards!

Jesse wrote a song about Asian Carp for the NRDC. Here’s an article about it in the New York Times. Go figure.

                 “The Second City performers sang from the perspective of Asian Carp, proclaiming that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ underwater electric barrier, just outside Chicago, ‘tickles every time we swim right through it.’”

T.J. Miller talks up the album in this interview with Laughspin.

                  “That is the greatest compliment, that it sounds like a real record. Jesse is an incredible musician. And we kept going back into the mix because I wanted to make sure that if you were at a stoplight and heard it in somebody’s car you would think that you were listening not to a comedy album, but to a real, honest, shitty pop album.”

The upcoming Extended Play E.P. gets a nice plug in this L.A. Times feature about T.J. Miller.,91501/SC_Opera_Press.html,0,6389910.column